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To whom it may concern,

I have utilized Structurall, LLC construction estimating services for the past eight months and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the estimates, the way it is presented and the accuracy and detail in which it is calculated. Apollo is always on time, precise and his pricing is extremely fair. My company estimates have gone from lacking to being requested by my clients due to its content and attention to detail. Thanks Apollo, you have made me look good and have helped me win many jobs.

Bardia Jafari
Able Group, LLC.


Dear Mr. Cypress,

I want to thank you for your estimating efforts on our behalf related to our recent bid for the Fort Meade Indoor Firing Range. I was initially hesitant about “outsourcing” our estimating effort. Estimates are the binding instruments of our business and I have always taken personal charge of our estimating efforts. However, this project was simply too large, and due quickly for me to estimate myself given my other responsibilities. I decided to try your services, and in less than 10 days, you produced an extremely competent $9MM estimate, on time and on budget. You did a good job incorporating my subcontractors in your work product, and demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and technical skill when we went through several rounds of estimate modification based on my input. You got me 90% of the way towards my objective, with 10% of the customary effort in my part. The estimate we prepared together is still pending review, but I am pleased to have tendered it as my company’s work product. If we win it, your services will have been an unbelievable bargain. If we lose it, it was still money well spent.

I look forward to working with you again as soon as the need arises.


Warmest regards,

Steven Gross, President

Minkoff Company, Inc., Maryland



To Whom It May Concern:

It is without hesitation that I write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Paul Cypress and his entity, StructureAll LLC.

He has proven to be a valuable resource in allowing us to competitively bid any and all projects that we choose in an always fluctuating market which, at times, can put a strain on our staff.

The majority of our work is made up of extremely intricate medical projects in operating health care facilities. Attention to detail, bidding deadlines and strict conformance with general and supplemental general conditions are of the utmost importance.

StructureAll’s estimates have always covered the above concerns with great accuracy.

In the competitive bidding marketplace confidentiality is extremely important, and I place my personal trust in Paul Cypress and StructureAll LLC.

In closing, I cannot emphasize enough my positive experiences with StructureAll LLC.


Very truly yours,

John Sucich, President
JSK Construction Corp, NY


Paul Cypress of StructureAll, LLC, has allowed us the ability to place a competitive bid on a project that otherwise, we would not have been able to compile an estimate. The bid form was complex and required all Divisions broken out into multiple line items with material, labor and equipment cost categories.

We are a successful, 30-year old commercial construction company specializing in site development as well as general contracting. With no in-house estimator on staff at this current time – we heavily rely on partners such as StructureAll, to come along side of us and assist us with our estimating tasks.

Paul’s attention to detail, work ethic and response time, with regards to the entire estimating process are paralleled to none.”



Jamie Madigan, President
Madigan Construction, Inc., Leesburg, VA


By using StructureAll LLC, I am able to bid on jobs I would have otherwise passed up simply because I did not have the time to perform the estimate myself.


Marshall White, President
White Builders, Inc., Woburn, MA 01801-4136


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